Wales Academic Symposium on Language Technologies 2023

The third academic symposium for Welsh universities will be held at Bangor University on 1st December 2023 at Neuadd Riechel. The symposium is sponsored by the Welsh Government.

The main focus of the symposium will be Language Technologies, including Speech Technology and Translation Technology; Natural Language Processing; and Artificial Intelligence and Language. The emphasis will be on Welsh and other less-resourced languages, but papers on these technologies in general will also be welcomed.

The day will give us an opportunity to learn more about research currently being undertaken in these fields in Wales, get to know each other better, and continue to strengthen our research networks for the future.

Academics young and old, experienced and those who are new to the field, are all encouraged to contribute to this symposium.

The languages of the conference will be Welsh and English. Simultaneous interpreting will be provided from Welsh to English

We will also publish a volume of the symposium papers as an e-book following the event.